Looking for CPR certification or first aid classes in the Chicago area? Illinois Safety is an American Heart Association local training site. We provide CPR, AED, first aid, BLS, PALS and ACLS classes to people throughout Chicagoland. In addition to our four training locations in the Chicago area, we also provide on-site training to businesses, schools, churches and more. Unlike some other providers, all our classes are taught by instructors who are professional firefighters and/or paramedics.


Why Take a Class?

There are a variety of reasons for taking an American Heart Association CPR or other certification class. If you work in the health care field or are a first responder, your employer may require you to maintain CPR/AED certification and/or other certifications. Even if your position doesn’t require such a certification, having one better equips you to respond to an emergency, whether it’s at work, home or elsewhere. Having these skills can help you save someone’s life — maybe even the life of someone you love.


Before You Choose a Class

You may have other options for CPR training and CPR classes in Chicago, but you should carefully consider them before signing up. For example, while there are online ACLS, PALS and BLS classes, most employers and schools will only accept ACLS classes that have been certified by the American Heart Association (AHA), such as the ones we offer.


Illinois Safety’s classes are all taught by current firefighters and paramedics who bring their real-world, hands-on experiences to the classroom. After taking a class and becoming certified, you’ll feel confident that you know how to handle various types of emergencies.